Monday, April 2, 2007

Use it or lose it

I spent today filling in for someone at a radio network, writing music news for the AC, Hot AC and CHR (Pop) formats. She's a friggin' machine. She cranks out so much on a daily basis. It was tedious, and I took such effort to do the job well, that I am completely exhausted and my body aches. I get myself so worked up. I'm not in bed yet because when I have things in my mind I want to spill out, I can't sleep until I empty my head. This is what blogging has done to me! LOL

As much as I had forgotten what it was like to crank out a prep service (Um, TWO in this case, three formats!), it was nice to have my brain engaged in something. It felt good to use it. LOL Doesn't that sound funny? I have been here, in my lonely world, for too long, recycling the same thoughts. It was kind of nice to go to an office, with people in it, during daytime hours and use my fucking brain. I know this sounds insane.

I just hope I did a good job. I have been out of the loop, and it's odd to jump back into music-news-writing mode. I am continually impressed with the system they have there. It's so... efficient. I know those guys don't think it's that great, but it works. They get the job done. I spent so much time spinning my wheels at my last job and sitting in meetings about meetings, because things were done in the stupidest manner. I sure hope things have gotten better for my friends who still work there.

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