Sunday, February 28, 2010

worrisome weekend

So I'm still not sure what to do about my finances. As soon as I get a moment, I'm going to head over to Green Path Debt Solutions in midtown. I found them through the website for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The NFCC was recommended to me by someone as well as mentioned in the Suze Orman book I've just started reading called The Laws of Money. I'm not that hopeful, though, since I tried NovaDebt last year and they couldn't help me. I just made a payment to one of the Chase cards (late) and I have to pay the other one before the 6th while I just got a bill for another payment on the first one. Sigh. I don't even have the rent yet, and I'm not able to go food shopping. Then there's the third credit card. :o(

I managed to shove this crap somewhat to the back of my mind while I was in Boston for the last three days. I got to see the new house Jenne and her family moved into, and it was nice. They even had a gathering for a few people Saturday night, and there was loads of great food... Jenne outdid herself! We even got some hamentaschen for Purim, since I was reminded of the holiday during my long and annoying bus ride to Boston in the terrible rain and wind. There was a young (college age) Jewish couple sitting not too far behind me, and I heard them repeatedly make reference to the girl fasting. I knew Purim was this month, but not exactly when, and I wondered what fasting was for, so I was able to Google it on my iPod Touch. Thank goodness for free WiFi on the BoltBus! :oD The story behind Purim is kind of a cool one, and it's really the only Jewish holiday that's a happy one:

I really like hamentaschen. ;o)