Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I bought an everything bagel with cream cheese at Zaro's Bread Basket in Port Authority yesterday morning, and as I was about to pay, the guy behind the counter picked up a boxed assortment of Valentine's cookies and said, "Would you like to get these for your boyfriend... or husband... for Valentine's Day?"

Me: "I don't have either one of those."
Him: "Aw... all the good ones are taken? Isn't that what everyone says?"
Me: "Something like that."
Him: (As he hands me the bag with the bagel) "Well, maybe next year, you'll be able to get one of these for someone special."
Me: "HA!"

I hate Valentine's Day. I hate Christmas the most, but Valentine's comes in second, because like Xmas, there's so much expectation behind it. Out of all the V-Days I've lived through and had a significant other to share it with, only ONE was good, and that was in the late '90s. And we celebrated in a non-traditional way, which is perhaps why it was special and good. Last year I bought candy and a card for my now-ex, and the response I got from him was, "Oh, I didn't know we were doing this." Funny how one day can fuck you up. LOL