Friday, May 4, 2012

Fuck cancer! R.I.P. MCA

This is gonna sound so sappy, but being a Brooklynite, MCA's passing really sucks for me. And I usually don't get torn up over celebrity deaths... But I remember wearing out my Licensed to Ill cassette tape when I was 16, and Yauch skateboarding past me one afternoon many years later on Houston Street.  Much, much later, I interviewed him, along with Ad-Rock and Mike D while I was at MTV... They were complete goofballs, and refused to answer any of my questions seriously.  It was an audio-only interview, and at one point, while Horovitz and D were horsing around, Yauch made eye contact with me and mouthed the words "I'm sorry."  I smiled at him, laughed my ass off and had a ball, even though I couldn't use one bit of the audio I recorded.

R.I.P., Adam Yauch. To say you'll be missed is an understatement.