Friday, April 3, 2009

Love in the Cube

A guy asked his girl to marry him in my store Sunday. Apparently a plan was in the works for a while with this guy, 'cause our business team planned it for him. (I guess he was a Business Customer?) A few of us Blue Shirts got into our street clothes to act as random customers who would get picked for a chance to win an iPod Touch... the unsuspecting girl (I think her name was Shirley?) and her guy were also among those "picked" and led over to the Genius Bar area and given an iPod Touch face down, and told that when we turned it over (when told to), we'd find out if we won. She turned hers over, and it said, "Shirley, will you marry me?" This message was also displayed on the screens above the Genius Bar, as the guy's song of choice played (I'm told it was a tune by Chris Brown! FAIL! LOL). I doubt the chick even heard the song, since the second she saw the proposal and her boyfriend on bended knee, with a huge diamond ring, she started freaking out (in a good way). And said yes.