Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Odds n' Ends

Things I'm loving lately:

Kashi Organic Promise Strawberry Fields cereal: Just can't get enough of this lately. I eat it for breakfast and I eat it as a snack in front of the TV. It's only 2 points for a cup of it. I love the simple ingredient list: rice, cane juice, whole wheat, freeze-dried strawberries, sea salt, brown rice syrup, freeze-dried raspberries. All organic. It's expensive everywhere except Whole Foods, where it's $2.99 for the box. Bless them for feeding my addiction.

Nice n' Easy Root Touch-Up: Lengthens the time between salon color visits by about 3 weeks, it's less than 10 bucks for the box, and takes less than 10 minutes to use. Oh, and the Clairol helpline is DA BOMB. They are SO helpful! And nice too.

The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Soap: They had this back when I worked there in the early '90s, and now it's back. I still adore it. They brought back the shower gel too. My former co-workers have been nice enough to give me lots of samples of the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter to tide me over until I can actually buy it.

M.A.C.'s Viva Glam VI Lipstick: I bought this a while ago, at the suggestion of one of the artists there, and I love it to pieces and wear it every day, pretty much. I fully support M.A.C.'s Viva Glam line because they give every cent from it to the M.A.C. AIDS Fund.

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