Friday, April 6, 2007

A Good Friday

My brother Dan and I walked all around the city as we usually do, and ended up in the village, so we had walked a roundabout 3 miles. Walking is good. I get exercise without really feeling like I'm getting exercise. And maybe I worked off the Lindt Lindor truffles Dan was nice enough to spring for at the Lindt store on 5th Avenue. Place was packed for Easter candy shopping. I hate holidays. LOL They get in my friggin' way. :o)

This morning I was a good little girl and did the routine on a beginner's Pilates DVD I bought a long time ago. I suck and have no strength or real flexibility yet, but it will come. Damn, I lost everything I was able to do when I did the Pilates moves with Amber a year ago, when I paid for those personal training sessions at New York Sports Club. What a difference a year makes, in more ways than one. I love the mind-body connection with yoga and Pilates. I like Pilates even more because besides strength and flexibility, the moves lengthen the body and strengthen the "core" -- the midsection -- which affects everything else. It's also nice that 30 minutes of Pilates makes a difference in how I feel immediately. I figure if I can get myself to do Pilates three times a week, and do a good about of walking in between those times, or maybe even on the same days, since the weather should be getting better any day now, I'll be getting a decent workout.

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