Saturday, January 14, 2012

;o) for the old man

There was a time when you couldn't talk my father into using the Internet.  My extremely tech-savvy dad -- who builds his own computers -- really resisted, saying there was nothing the Internet could offer him.

Fast-forward years later, and my 65-year-old Pop not only surfs the Web happily daily and nightly, occasionally sending me links to things he likes, but also downloads TV shows he likes to watch from Amazon.

So we were discussing the British TV show "Sherlock" via e-mail (something else he resisted initially, BTW), and he tells me I should also be watching the crime drama "Luther."  When I ask him whether he has these episodes on DVD or electronically, he responded:

"My copy is an Amazon download. DVD's are so yesterday. :-P



How far he's come.  ;o)

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