Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tarot reading, 3/9/10

For those who read cards... this was pretty accurate. Although the readings always depict a bright future... this has been happening for years... where's my nice future?! LOL

Celtic Cross Spread

1. Basis of the matter, or that which brought you to now: 4 of Swords

2. Where you are now: The Lovers

3. Hopes or fears: 3 of Swords

4. Present and passing: 3 of Cups

5. Forces for or against you: 8 of Cups

6. The near future: Death

7. How the near future will evolve: 10 of Cups

8. New Turn of Events and/or the effects of others on you: Ace of Pentacles

9. You in the environment of the future: Temperance

10. Outcome or summation: Wheel of Fortune

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