Thursday, June 7, 2007

Brooklyn, be sad

Those who read this blog should remember me going on a bit about Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. I was there with Jonathan about a month ago when he visited, and I was there on May 28th with my brother, as we celebrated our birthday with a tour of the old neighborhoods we lived in.

Dan snapped pictures of the experience, he and I waiting for what seemed like an eternity for our slices in the sauna of the dumpy place Di Fara's is:

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara slice

Thanks, Dan, for capturing me in mid-chew:
Meri eats pizza

ANYWAY, I heard today on the radio that Di Fara has been closed for health violations.

And he's been closed before... something like 6 times because of health code violations. Fuck it. The pizza is still phenomenal, and one of the violations is that Domenic refuses to wear gloves and a hat when he prepares his creations. Everyone would stand there, patiently waiting for their slices, watching Dom's bare hands cut fresh basil and shave fresh mozzarella onto pie after pie. No one who eats there cares.

Other violations include rodents. Such is life in New York City. We have rodents. Ya gotta make peace with 'em. LOL

My brother and I walked through Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Midwood. I bought some of the best bagels I've ever had, and yeah, Midwood is still very much a Jewish neighborhood:

Kosher Gym

Some things never change.

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